123 – RICK ANKIEL | The Phenom and The Phenomenon

About Episode:
In this episode, we interview former Major League Baseball player Rick Ankiel. He went from being the “next great left-handed pitcher,” to losing his ability to throw anything even resembling a strike, to being demoted all the way down to the bottom of the Minors, to somehow reinventing himself as an Outfielder, to finally clawing his way back to the Big Leagues. His resilience has inspired millions of people and has made him a legend in the eyes of many. In this interview, we talk about his NYT bestseller The Phenomenon: Pressure, the Yips, and the Pitch that Changed My Life, his career, the Houston Astros cheating scandal, his tumultuous relationship with his father, his pick for greatest baseball player ever, and much more. Let’s get into it…

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